Decide where you want to lose!

Lipomassage fight excess fat resistant to exercise or diet. Its stimulating action reduces the appearance of cellulite, fights the action of fat storage, improves blood circulation in addition to reactivate the production of elastin and collagen. Results are visible in as little as 6 sessions of 30 minutes: a refined silhouette, smoother and firmer skin.

What is lipomassage?

Lipomassage, a patented LPG technique, is performed with independent motorized rollers. These rollers gently work the skin to release fat deposits and reactivate deep and lymphatic circulation. This technique also stimulates the process of lipolysis, which plays a major role in the elimination of fat. With the multiple specially designed rollers, Lipomassage also stimulates collagen and elastin production to firm the skin. Its main advantage is to refine and target only those areas that need it.

Activate cells : crucial!

Despite regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, cell activity tends to slow down and collagen and elastin production to decrease. Simultaneously, fat begin to accumulate and skin to lose its density and to sag. Lipomassage works by stimulating the deep fat cells and fibroblasts, adipose and connective tissue cells. Their stimulation reactivates the release of resistant fat and the production of collagen and elastin.

Treatment :

The treatment is tailored according to the analysis of your “problem” areas and the goals you set with our specialist. It lasts 35 minutes and is totally painless: it consists of four actions to remove fat, firm skin, smooth cellulite and reshape forms. After having put on your « Endermowear », a personal and opaque clothing specific to Lipomassage, you are ready for a moment of relaxation! During your program, evaluation steps will allow you to monitor your performance against your preset goals.